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thechroniclesofmms asked: hey Im Mel, What's your major? I'm transferring in the fall too.

Hey my major is probably Marketing still kind of undecided. Where you coming from?

No relationship can truly grow if you go on holding back. If you remain clever and go on safeguarding and protecting yourself, only personalities meet, and the essential centers remain alone. Then only your mask is related, not you. Whenever such a thing happens, there are four persons in the relationship, not two. Two false persons go on meeting, and the two real persons remain worlds apart.

—Osho, Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and the Other (via mediocremediocrity)

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It sucks when your significant other still doesn’t ask you for things or do some of the things she wants to do with you because she doesn’t feel comfortable. I just wish she was comfortable with me about anything. But you can’t force that or can you get mad about that. When it happens, it happens. right?